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Pirjoale in Chisinau

Pirjoale in Chisinau

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The meat is cut into pieces and chopped in the mincer twice. Add beaten eggs separately, salt and pepper. Mix very very well, beating with your palms often in the minced meat. Make round cakes with a height of 1 cm-1.5 cm and arrange on a plate greased with very little oil and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Prepare the lesion:

of 2 eggs + 2 tablespoons flour + 2 tablespoons milk + a pinch of salt + ground black pepper. It mixes very well with the target.

When frying these pirjoale, it is necessary to use a frying pan with a checkered bottom - that is, a grill pan. It is mandatory for them to receive this shape that you see in the photo.

Heat the pan with oil to the max. The pirjoales are given abundantly on both sides through the lesion, and they are fried in a hot pan on either side for 3 minutes, each side until they reach a reddish pudding and come out with the grills. Arrange in a cauldron and bake for another 15 minutes.

At the table, serve 2 in a plate and pour over the pirjoale a tablespoon of melted butter, along with french fries and pickles.

I made potatoes like in the country.

How to prepare chicken roasts

  1. Bone, clean and cut the meat on thin slices 1.5 kg chicken breast LaProvincia and 1.5 kg chicken legs LaProvincia .
  2. Break 1 bagel in pieces and put it in a bowl that you cover, then with 1.4 liters of water .
  3. Clean and cut 5 onions in slices.
  4. Mix the squeezed bagel, chopped onion and meat and pass everything through the mincer.
  5. Pour the composition into a large bowl and top with 4 eggs raw, 3 tablespoons semolina , ⅔ teaspoon of black pepper and 1 ½ teaspoon of salt . Mix everything by hand until smooth.
  6. Put 100 ml of water In another bowl, moisten your hands and form roasts in the shape of a round or flat oval.
  7. Put 300 ml of oil Heat it in a large skillet. Put the roasts in the pan, leave everything on medium heat for 10 minutes, with the lid on.
  8. After 10 minutes, remove the lid and leave the roasts on the fire until they turn brown (they become brown).
  9. Remove the roasts on a plate covered with a paper towel, let them reach room temperature and then you can keep them in the fridge or serve immediately.

Chef's tips for chicken roasts

  • How are chicken roasts formed? Take some meat in your hands, beat it for a few seconds and shape it into a ball. Then flatten and shape into a round or oval.
  • The right garnishes for roasts are zacusca, vegetables, raw salad or beetroot salad. You can also serve them as appetizers at family meals.
  • Do you want to adapt the recipe for children? Add a little grated carrot and notice the sweet aroma that forms.
  • The above ingredients have been calculated for an approximate amount of 24 roasts & # 8211 as many as you would need for the Easter Holidays or some other type of festive meal. If you want to prepare fewer roasts, adjust the quantities.
  • This recipe is a traditional one. For the Moldovan one, only chicken breast, onion, potatoes, egg, garlic, pepper, salt and parsley are used. The potato replaces the bread. The roasts being formed can be made with semolina or flour.
  • You can try to fry them in the oven, instead of using oil, stating that you will have to dedicate more time to cooking.
  • If you adapt the composition and make it from chicken breast, eggs, cream, green onions, garlic, oil, salt and pepper, you will enjoy a delicious portion of French roasts.
  • Do you want us to tell you a secret? If you add a little Parmesan, the roasts will be even juicier. An optimal amount of parmesan or cheese is 150 g per kg of meat.

Chicken roasts, good place of honor

Whether with garlic, parmesan, green onions or semolina, chicken roasts are excellent for tasty dinners or moments when the whole family gathers at the table.

Prepare a surprise for everyone and serve them with some good licking fingers!

Baked pumpkin in spicy and flavorful crust & # 8211 fasting recipe

Baked pumpkin in spicy and flavorful crust. Baked zucchini in flavored breadcrumbs served with yogurt sauce with garlic. Fasting recipe (vegan). Crispy slices of baked zucchini in brown crust with herbs. How are baked pumpkins made in the oven? Pumpkin in the oven. Recipes with pumpkin.

I have been cooking pumpkin lately because they are cheap, tasty and are abundant on the market. From breaded or au gratin pumpkins to those stuffed with cheese, vegetables or meat and reaching low food, zacusca or even pumpkin jam. I will leave you all these recipes at the end of the article.

These I baked bread in the oven they are made without an egg, being a fasting recipe (vegan). One of my favorite networks is the Pumpkin Pan & # 8211 see here. The name bread comes from the fact that the dishes are rolled in breadcrumbs (which is made from bread & # 8211 bread in Latin lb.). If we make pumpkin only with egg and flour, we can no longer talk about bread, but about fried pumpkin.

Many people run away (more recently) from fried foods in an oil bath, although if they are properly prepared and fried at the right temperatures, they do not soak in the surrounding oil. In addition, the crust of flour & # 8211 egg & # 8211 breadcrumbs creates a barrier against the penetration of oil into the preparation. Rather, the schnitzels or fried vegetables are only filled with oil in flour and eggs & # 8230 sometimes bite into oil.

Here they can be baked pumpkin in the oven, in the pan. For an extra flavor, we mixed the breadcrumbs with aromatic herbs and natural spices: salt, pepper, granulated garlic, sweet and smoked paprika, hot pepper flakes (chili flakes), cumin. A great mix came out that fits marinating meats, not just for vegetables. The paprika makes this floury crust red!

From the quantities below we obtained a pan of baked pumpkin in a spicy and crunchy crust. In addition to them, I also made some eggplant rounds (recipe soon). The spice mix is ​​at your discretion & # 8211 you can play with the proportions depending on the taste, how fragrant or spicy you want it.

Restaurants in Chisinau that deliver food at home

During this period, the home delivery service is very current. This service is very popular all over the world, and in our country it is becoming more and more requested. Now you can order at home absolutely any dish you want, at a distance of a click or a phone call.

That way, you won't have to sit in line at the store and then spend the whole evening by the stove. Your favorite dishes will be delivered within 1 - 1.5 hours. Moreover, online delivery services often have special offers, discounts and even exclusive food. has prepared a case study with all the restaurants and delivery services that will bring your dishes home in time, which is a great advantage in the current situation.


Family restaurant, specializing in Mediterranean dishes, mostly Italian, prepared according to traditional recipes.

Delivery: for orders over 200 lei it is free. Delivery takes ≈ 60 min.

Payment methods:

  • in cash upon receipt of the order
  • with the bank card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro) upon receipt of the order
  • with the bank card directly on the site.

Phone: +373 022 780 000


Modern restaurant with Caucasian cuisine, offering a wide variety of traditional dishes.

Delivery: 40 lei (within the city of Chisinau)

Payment method: it is possible to pay by bank card upon receipt of the order.

Phone: +373 079 107 107


Honestly, the gastromarket offers its customers a varied daily menu - "Lunch of the day", with home delivery, which contains a set of three dishes proposed for each day of the week. Find out what the daily "Lunch of the Day" menus contain on your Facebook page. In addition to these sets, other dishes on the menu are available for delivery.

price for a daily menu - 100 lei

Contact phones: +373 060 742 440, +373 060 742 455


The restaurant has European fusion cuisine on the menu. All dishes are available for home delivery.

Delivery can be performed between 10:00 and 20:00.

Payment method: with the bank card upon receipt of the order

Phone: +373 078 800 600


The restaurant offers a wide range of delicate, well-proportioned and nicely served snacks. The restaurant also offers personalized menus for each day of the week, which can be delivered daily at home. The menu available for delivery can be viewed on the restaurant's website.

Phone: +373 069 446 444


The team of chefs and bartenders of the restaurant offers selected dishes of local and European cuisine, as well as tasty surprises from the chef. Dishes on the restaurant menu are available for home delivery. The menu can be viewed on the BLACK RABBIT GASTRO-BURROW website or on the Facebook page.

Delivery: free

Phone: +373 078 3333 22


VELGAR Restaurant delivers your favorite snacks and drinks to any area of ​​the city. In addition, the restaurant offers business-lunch with home delivery, at a price of 60 lei. Their delivery is made between 12:00 and 16:00. Delivery in the Chisinau city area costs 30 lei. If you place an order for 6 lunches, delivery is free.

For the order of over 500 lei, delivery it's free.

If the amount of the order is up to 500 lei, the delivery costs 50 lei.

Phone: +373 078 885 555


Blinoff Street offers a choice of the most delicious pancakes with various fillings, always available for a home order.

Delivery price: 25 lei

The order that exceeds the amount of 250 lei in the area of ​​town. Chisinau, will be delivered free of charge.

Order delivery takes approximately 60 minutes.

Payment method: in cash or by bank card upon receipt of the order

Phone: +373 060 23 7777, 022 23 7777

STRAUS.MD - ordering and delivery service for dozens of restaurants, cafes, pubs in Chisinau. The order can be placed easily, and in the shortest possible time, the delivery service will bring your food home, in any area of ​​the city.

Delivery it is usually done in 50 minutes. The delivery price is indicated on the page of the chosen restaurant.

Payment method: online

Phone: +373 022 008 008


Foodhouse is a system of orders and offers its customers many opportunities to quickly and easily search and order favorite dishes from Foodhouse partners.

Delivery it is usually done in 50 minutes. The delivery price is indicated on the page of the chosen restaurant.

Payment method:

  • Cash on receipt of order
  • Online with bank card (VISA / MASTERCARD)
  • With the bank card (VISA / MASTERCARD) upon receipt of the order.

Phone: +373 022 88 88 22


Another network of ordering and delivery of dishes from the restaurants and cafes of our city. The website is accessible and you can easily see the menus of the restaurants, where you can find snacks and special offers.

Delivery: the delivery price is indicated on the page of each restaurant, and together with the operator you can discuss more details.

Payment method: in cash upon receipt of the order or online with the bank card

Phone: +373 060 76 39 39

SAKURA sushi bar

The Sakura sushi-bar restaurant network offers Japanese cuisine lovers to order rolls, sushi, sashimi at home, prepared according to traditional Japanese recipes.

Steamed food

Although theoretically this way of preparing food is appreciated by everyone, very few use it. Steam cooking is specific to Asian cuisine, and Chinese cuisine is well known in bamboo. The advantages of this way of preparing food are obvious:

- it is not necessary to add fats
- the quality of the prepared food is preserved
- vitamins are not destroyed, as happens by boiling or frying
- Foods are much easier to digest and just as tasty
- the food retains its aroma
- the food cannot be burned because everything is prepared at exactly 100 degrees Celsius
- water that drains from vegetables is a real concentrate of minerals and vitamins. It is worth drinking it or using it to prepare sauces or soups.

Officially, the steam cooker is called a steamer and is a system of dishes (two, three or even four) that allows the preparation of vegetables, rice, meat, etc. The water, which by boiling turns into steam, is located at the base, and the perforated cooking utensils, made of heat-resistant glass, are placed on top of each other. The stemer is covered with a tight lid that prevents steam from escaping.
The steamer is a technological version of the bamboo basket, which you can use perfectly, placed on top of a pot of boiling water and covered with aluminum foil, or you can improvise a "steamer" from a sieve, a large pot and aluminum foil. The only secret is that the sieve in which you put the vegetables or meat must be large enough so that they do not get crowded. Whichever option you choose, this style of cooking is available to anyone.

What can be prepared for steam?

White fish, vegetables, other than root vegetables, which do not boil well in steam, and chicken are perfect for steaming. Rice and some pasta are also easy to steam. Steamed vegetables must be fresh and of very good quality.
Chicken and fish, but also vegetables, must be well seasoned before being steamed. Another secret is to always keep the water at boiling point, so that the process does not suffer interruptions. Cut the vegetables and meat (possibly the fish) into equal pieces, so that the food penetrates evenly. Serve steamed food immediately after cooking.

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